Breathe deeply and feel your body awaken from within.

No stress. No trying too hard. No rush. No pretenses.Make you healthier and more natural.Enjoy a relaxing space surrounded by the bountiful nature of Shonan and the ultimate hospitality.Be yourself with that special someone.Enjoy time that is perfectly harmonized with the natural breath.

Stay for ‘Tomorrow’

Caring for Yourself

Through the wonders of nature and the ultimate in hospitality,Breath Hotel offers an experience in healing and good health, with an interior design based on natural materials and a panoramic ocean view of Enoshima.Enjoy our new relaxing space, surrounded by sophisticated facilities.

Awakening Beauty

There is an intimate connection between relaxation and beauty. Esthetic treatments are most effective in a space where one can truly relax.Let the sound and smell of the sea stimulate your senses and carry you to new realms of beauty.

Healing by Nature

The natural healing powers of Bad Gastein stones have been scientifically and medically proven. These stones are placed at key points in the hotel, and you will be enveloped by the power of these stones.

Amazing Dining

We believe that meal times are a fundamental aspect of relaxation.We have contracted restaurants that provide you with organic dinners.Additionally, our in-room dining menu provides an abundance of choices so that our guests can enjoy their meals peacefully in their own rooms.