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Privacy Policy

A Declaration Regarding Handling of Personal Information

This policy is a guideline pertaining to the handling of our guests’ personal information by Breath Hotel (referred to as “our company” below).
Our company abides by laws and ordinances of personal information protection, and we obtain, use and manage our guests’ information in an appropriate manner.

Regarding Handling of Personal Information

1. When obtaining our guests’ personal information, our objectives are specified, and we obtain as much information as is necessary for us to fulfill the objectives specified.
In addition, when using our guests’ personal information, we notify our guests in advance of such intentions. Otherwise, we only use our guests’ personal information within the limits of the purposes given.

2. We do not disclose our guests’ personal information to a third party without our guests’ prior consent.

3. To each company handling personal information, our company assigns a manager to ensure that all our guests’ personal information is properly managed.
In addition, in the event that we outsource the handling of our guests’ personal information to external companies, such companies will be under our company’s supervision, so as to ensure that our guests’ personal information is properly managed.

4. When receiving requests from our guests to disclose or revise personal information, we will proceed to do so insofar as it is legally appropriate.
When receiving requests as mentioned above, our company may prescribe and request documents, means of identity confirmation, and processing fees in line with costs incurred for the request received.

5. Insofar as the handling of personal information is concerned, our company will always strive to make improvements.

* Upon receiving requests from official bodies for our guests’ personal information for legal purposes, our company may respond based on a set of guidelines different from those given above.

* Publication of our company's guidelines regarding the handling of personal information will be via the Breath Hotel Website (referred to as "our website" below) etc.

Regarding Disclosure of Personal Information

In the following events, our company deems disclosure of personal information permissible.

- When our company receives a request in line with laws and ordinances.

- When necessary for conflict resolution.

- When information requested for disclosure is an indispensable part of investigation by prosecutors, police, other official institutions, or the bar association, copyright protection organization and other quasi-official institutions.

- When our company is instructed to do so by a court of law or other public agencies.

- When our company deems it necessary for business-related, rational purposes to disclose personal information to such persons as lawyers, accountants and doctors, who are bound by confidentiality agreements.


Please feel free to contact us regarding your personal information.

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