Spa & Bath

Previous resort hotels overlooked the pleasure of an in-room bath.
Breath Hotel has revolutionized the in-room bath concept with bathrooms that offer the ultimate in relaxation.
All rooms are equipped with a Silky micro bubble bath and mist sauna that guests will want to enjoy and unwind in for as long as possible.

Usage of Spa Treatments

Service available from 15:00 to 24:00 (last treatment end time 26:00 / 2:00am)
*Available for both men and women.

Spa Treatment

Once the therapist arrives, they will verify the treatments that you wish to receive, and they will ask you to fill in a counseling sheet about your physical constitution and your physical condition on that day. In the mean time they shall prepare your treatment bed, towels, etc.
Once the counseling sheet has been filled in, you will have a counseling session to discuss your physical condition on the day, how you are feeling, any particular requests that you may have, etc. The therapist will then decide which products to use.
Depending on the treatment you are receiving, you may be asked to change into paper underwear and bra. Once the air conditioning and brightness levels have been checked, the therapist will start with the treatment. Please rest assured that during the treatment, a large part of your body will be covered by a towel, making sure that only the part of your body receiving the treatment is visible. This should prevent you from feeling any form of embarrassment.

Preparing Before Your Spa Treatment

We recommend bathing before your treatment. This is your special private room especially designed for your own personal use.
Before your treatment, please enjoy a relaxing in-room bath time in this blissful private spa, using warm water on your body without worrying about prying eyes. Choose between a radium soft water bath, silky micro nano-bubble bath, micro-bubble shower, mist sauna, and more. (We recommend spending 20 to 30 minutes in the bath.) We also recommend adding bath salts which are known to be effective in warming the body.

Having a bath before your treatment can not only have great relaxation effects, but it can also raise your metabolism and increase the effectiveness of your treatment. So that you are not sweating too much by the start of your treatment, please come out of the bath from 10 to 20 minutes before your appointment time. Replenish your fluids (excluding alcohol and caffeine), and put on the bathrobe available from your room and relax with your favorite movie or music while you wait for the therapist to arrive.

*Please refrain from consuming food or alcohol from 30 minutes to 1 hour before and after the treatment.
*If you use contact lenses, please remove them before your treatment so you can enjoy a more relaxing time.

Spa Reservations

Reservations must be made in advance. Please make a booking for your desired treatment course and time.
We can also accept bookings on the day, although only some treatment courses may be available depending on the amount of preparation required. In addition, we may not be able to fulfill your request depending on our availability on the day. We highly recommend making your reservations in advance.

*Esthetic treatments are given for the purpose of relaxation. They are not medical treatments provided for healing purposes.
Please note that we cannot accept any treatment requests for the purpose of healing diseases. Please consult your doctor before receiving your treatment course if at the time you are pregnant, attending hospital appointments, under medication, suffering from past medical conditions, suffering from allergies, or injured.

*We kindly ask customers suffering from illnesses such as infectious skin diseases, severe athlete's foot, etc. to refrain from using our treatment services. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

*If you were to be late for the appointment, we would still do our best to complete your treatment as required. However, please understand that we would be unable to extend your treatment end time as this may cause delay to our other customers. This means that your treatment time may be shortened as a result.